Articles | Volume 5, issue 4
Geosci. Commun., 5, 363–380, 2022
Geosci. Commun., 5, 363–380, 2022
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23 Nov 2022
Research article  | Highlight paper | 23 Nov 2022

Exploring TikTok as a promising platform for geoscience communication

Emily E. Zawacki et al.

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Subject: Geoscience engagement | Keyword: Public communication of science
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Sara Pasqualetto, Luisa Cristini, and Thomas Jung
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The Met Office Weather Game: investigating how different methods for presenting probabilistic weather forecasts influence decision-making
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The takeover of science communication: how science lost its leading role in the public discourse on carbon capture and storage research in daily newspapers in Germany
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The first study exploring TikTok's potential for science/geoscience communication.
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To determine the best strategies for geoscience communication on TikTok, we created a TikTok account called Terra Explore. We produced 48 educational geoscience videos and evaluated each video’s performance. Our most-viewed videos received nearly all of their views from TikTok’s algorithmic recommendation feed, and the videos that received the most views were related to a recent newsworthy event (e.g., earthquake) or explained the geology of a recognizable area.
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