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GC Insights
21 Feb 2023
GC Insights |  | 21 Feb 2023

GC Insights: Nature stripes for raising engagement with biodiversity loss

Miles Richardson

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Subject: Geoscience engagement | Keyword: Public communication of science
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Emily E. Zawacki, Wendy Bohon, Scott Johnson, and Donna J. Charlevoix
Geosci. Commun., 5, 363–380,,, 2022
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Sara Pasqualetto, Luisa Cristini, and Thomas Jung
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Christopher Chagumaira, Joseph G. Chimungu, Dawd Gashu, Patson C. Nalivata, Martin R. Broadley, Alice E. Milne, and R. Murray Lark
Geosci. Commun., 4, 245–265,,, 2021
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Elisabeth M. Stephens, David J. Spiegelhalter, Ken Mylne, and Mark Harrison
Geosci. Commun., 2, 101–116,,, 2019
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There has also been a stark loss of wildlife since 1970, yet climate change receives far greater attention. The warming stripes have shown how simple graphics can engage broad audiences. The nature stripes show how the loss of wildlife and biodiversity can also be presented in a similar way for positive effects.
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