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Geosci. Commun., 4, 461–474, 2021

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Geosci. Commun., 4, 461–474, 2021

Research article 08 Oct 2021

Research article | 08 Oct 2021

Multi-scale virtual field experience: sedimentology and stratigraphy of Grand Ledge, Michigan, USA

Madeline S. Marshall and Melinda C. Higley

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Short summary
We created a virtual field trip (VFT) to Grand Ledge, a regionally important suite of outcrops in Michigan, USA. There is a wide range of sedimentary and stratigraphic features encompassed in this locality, making it ideal for a comprehensive virtual field experience. The VFT undertakes all stages of a field project: students investigate outcrops and samples at multiple scales, and students report successfully learning how to interpret complex sedimentary environments like a real geologist.
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