Articles | Volume 3, issue 2
Geosci. Commun., 3, 303–327, 2020
Geosci. Commun., 3, 303–327, 2020

Research article 06 Nov 2020

Research article | 06 Nov 2020

Good vibrations: living with the motions of our unsettled planet

Tamsin Badcoe et al.

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Brief communication: The role of geophysical imaging in local landslide early warning systems
Jim S. Whiteley, Arnaud Watlet, J. Michael Kendall, and Jonathan E. Chambers
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 21, 3863–3871,,, 2021
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Downhole distributed acoustic seismic profiling at Skytrain Ice Rise, West Antarctica
Alex M. Brisbourne, Michael Kendall, Sofia-Katerina Kufner, Thomas S. Hudson, and Andrew M. Smith
The Cryosphere, 15, 3443–3458,,, 2021
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Subject: Geoscience engagement | Keyword: Science-art collaborations
Creative practice as a tool to build resilience to natural hazards in the Global South
Anne F. Van Loon, Imogen Lester-Moseley, Melanie Rohse, Phil Jones, and Rosie Day
Geosci. Commun., 3, 453–474,,, 2020
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Graphic design and scientific research – the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) experience
Daniela Riposati, Giuliana D'Addezio, Francesca Di Laura, Valeria Misiti, and Patrizia Battelli
Geosci. Commun., 3, 407–425,,, 2020
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Focus on glaciers: a geo-photo exposition of vanishing beauty
Giuliana Rossi, Gualtiero Böhm, Angela Saraò, Diego Cotterle, Lorenzo Facchin, Paolo Giurco, Renata Giulia Lucchi, Maria Elena Musco, Francesca Petrera, Stefano Picotti, and Stefano Salon
Geosci. Commun., 3, 381–392,,, 2020
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Developing the hertz art–science project to allow inaudible sounds of the Earth and cosmos to be experienced
Graeme J. Marlton and Juliet Robson
Geosci. Commun., 3, 365–379,,, 2020
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Earth Girl Volcano: characterizing and conveying volcanic hazard complexity in an interactive casual game of disaster preparedness and response
Isaac Kerlow, Gabriela Pedreros, and Helena Albert
Geosci. Commun., 3, 343–364,,, 2020
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We explore how earthquakes affect everyday life through a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates historical, artistic and scientific perspectives. The effects of distant earthquakes are investigated using data collected on a seismometer located in the Wills Memorial Building tower in Bristol. We also explore historical accounts of earthquakes and their impact on society, and, finally, we use the data collected by the seismometer to communicate artistically the Earth's tectonic movements.
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